Service Centre

Servicing by Caravan Specialists


Everything you need to keep your caravan in tip-top condition.

  • Services starting from $300.00
  • Single and tandem axle services available
  • Tank Flushing

General Repairs Service by Caravan Specialists

General Services

High-quality and cost-effective repair work to get you back on the road

  • Electrical
  • Body and window damage
  • Waterproofing and more
Solar Panel Service by Caravan Specialists


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prolong battery life on your van
  • Tracer MPPT controller fitted (industry standard 
and very energy efficient)
  • Installation inclusive
Electrical and Gas Certification Service by Caravan Specialists

Electrical and Gas Certification

We do offer an on-site Electrical Inspection and Gas Inspection. If your van passes the inspection, the appropriate certificate will be issued.

Satelite Service by Caravan Specialists

Satellite / TV Packages

Add some entertainment on the go.

  • The best quality satellites
  • High-definition TVs
  • Affordable prices
  • Installation inclusive
Motor Movers Service by Caravan Specialists

Motor Movers

For moving your caravan with ease.

  • Manual and automatic options
  • Effective and affordable
  • Installation inclusive
Diesel Heaters Service by Caravan Specialists

Diesel Heaters

Heat your caravan with ease during the cold New Zealand winter.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Installation inclusive
  • New Zealand Assembled

Towing / Reversing Cameras Service by Caravan Specialists

Towing / Reversing Cameras

Make reversing a breeze.

  • Live Picture
  • Excellent 2.4GHz wifi signal
  • From $499 installation inclusive
Self Containment Service by Caravan Specialists

Self Containment

We can convert your caravan to be compliant with the Self Containment regulations.

  • All plumbing components (piping, fittings, waste/smell traps etc.)
  • A sealed plastic box for waste hose
  • Waste evacuation hose
  • Inspection for NZMCA members